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How to bet on Handball

Handball betting is quite easy as it uses a prevalent system of bets called 1X2 that is used by several other sports, most notably association football.

Understanding 1X2

If you never heard of the 1×2 system you don’t need to worry because it is straightforward, the name stands for the three possible results of a handball game, which would be the victory of the home team, the draw and the victory of the visitors. The three outcomes are represented by the names 1, X and two respectively.

Please note that the 1×2 system can also be used if the competition is an international one like the Olympics. The bookmakers usually ‘call’ the favourite team the ‘1’ bet because in normal situations the home factor plays an essential role in terms of influencing the chances of the hosts to win being increased.

Handball Olympic Bets

The Olympics are approaching us, and next year the bettors will try to discover more about several sports, but it is challenging to learn to bet and keep up with so many simultaneous events; it is interesting to learn how to bet in advance.

Special Handball Markets

The big games of events such as the Olympics allow the bettors to punt on specific things such as how many goals the match will produce – please note that as the Olympics have many markets, we may only see unique markets like this one at the big games like the finals.

Handball and Football

If you know how to bet on a football match, you will learn how to apply that knowledge to handball betting. There are secondary markets that work the same way, such as the exact score and handicap bets, and handball enthusiasts can try to profit using their knowledge about this sport.

Handball Odds

The most popular leagues of Handball are European ones outside the UK which means the standard system used for handball usually is the decimal one. Spain and other places like Norway and Sweden where the game is quite popular are more used to the decimal system.

How to Profit with Handball Bets

There’s no secret or algebraic formula to profit at sports betting, all you have to do is research and keep up with the latest news about the teams or selections of the sport in question, and you must win more than you lose to be a profitable punter.

Although there are no golden secrets, some tools used by professionals are ignored by recreational bettors like the fact that you must stick to high odds: if you bet on a selection just because you believe the team will win, you may lose money in the long run.

You must stick to generous odds to beat the market because even the market favourites eventually lose. The best way to profit week after week is to make precise estimations and there’s no better way of testing your skills than betting with real money. Especially if you still can use some of the keen welcome bonuses available for new users of some bookmakers.