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How to Bet on Football

If you like football but only like following big games like the UEFA Champions League ones and your local league, rediscover the world of football by betting on games! Many sports fans are rediscovering their favourite sports by analysing other leagues, some of them quite exotic, with the eyes of the ‘odds’. What are odds anyway and how do they work?

Betting Odds

In a nutshell, odds are numbers that ‘say’ how likely the market considers an event. The odds can help you understand a foreign like straight away: sometimes you see a stronger team playing a road game against a weaker one, but the sports fans always take in account the home factor, however, how much does it affect a specific event? It is not uncommon to see teams ranked below the visitors having odds that ‘indicate’ they are favourites when playing against stronger opposition at their domains.

In summary, odds are a demonstration of how the bettors and the gambling houses see the probabilities of an event. It doesn’t mean they are correct! The odds are wrong all the time, but that is good news! Keen punters profit out of miscalculated odds all the time.

Different Types of Football Bets

The most traditional kind of bets when it comes to Association football is the match result betting. The most famous and widespread system of betting in Europe is the 1×2, which represents three possible events that are the ones that can award points to the team in different forms. How the match result will affect the classification table: the victory of the hosts, draw and the victory of the visitors.

The 1×2 betting system is straightforward: the odds represented by the event called ‘1’ kind of translate how the market sees the chances of the hosts winning. X and 2 represent the estimations of the draw and visitors’ victory, respectively. Odds can be displayed in different formats that are mathematically equivalent: decimals, fractional and money lines. The most popular system is decimal.

There are however more advanced forms of betting on the result of a match, like a handicap betting system and special match result markets such as the DNB (Draw No Bet) but before trying to grasp these other markets first trying to produce some profits out of 1×2 bets.

Football Betting – Special Markets

Special markets are available if the game is a little special for whatever reason: the league has some relevance, or the match is a very prestigious one. Big games can have over 100 markets including betting on the number of goals, which is called over / under, the number of yellow cards of the game or whether a specific player will score a goal.

Football Betting – Outrights

Some bets do not relate exactly to specific games but a tournament or a part of a big tournament like the group stage of the UEFA Champions League or the World Cup. The bettor must wait for more for the betting outcome to be defined, and some bookies take bets months, sometimes years in advance for example for the next UEFA Euro or FIFA World Cup.