How to place a bet

How to Bet Online

Nowadays you don’t have to walk to a betting shop to place a bet. You have the best bookmakers and casinos competing online for your next bet. All of them just one click away from you, which means the competition among these companies is very intense, and the online environment is full of promotions and opportunities to profit out of bets.

Let’s learn how to place an online bet.

Bookmaker and Casinos

You need to decide whether you want to bet on sports or casinos and after you decide that you can open a gaming account by registering at a trustable website.

Even if you are a sports fan, you should keep an eye at your e-mail box if you bet on sports as some bookmakers have casino sections and offer special promotions. It can include free bets for games like slots (also known as free spins) for bettors that are active at the sports section of a particular website.

Understanding Odds

If you want to bet on sports you must understand what odds are and how they work: the odds are numbers that affect your potential bet and determinate how much you can eventually win if you guess the result of a football match correctly for example.

Let’s say you will bet on the next match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, and you bet on the draw with odds of 3.0. In case you bet 10 EUR you can win 30 EUR if both teams fail to win that match.

Please note that odds are a reflection of how the market, i.e. the punters and the gambling houses see the chances of an event happening or not. They are not real probabilities because it would be impossible to be 100% sure of how likely a team is to win a match or not: when you have for example 22 men in a football pitch, you can’t have perfect odds for that event as humans are not predictable.

Casino odds, on the other hand, can represent real probabilities, i.e. the casino knows the chances of an event happening like when betting on the Roulette results, and the house cut is calculated based on the real probabilities.

Add Funds to Your Gaming Account

After you have registered you must have funds to bet and to top up your gaming account you must use one of the payments methods at your disposal – the bookmakers offer many options to upload money these days.

You must pay attention however because the potential withdrawal of profits can be restricted based on the form you deposit your funds, i.e. if you use a specific e-wallet the bookie may want to pay profits only back at your account.

The requirements and deadlines to cash out your betting prizes vary a lot depending on the rules of each operator. Make sure you understand the process of withdrawing funds before engaging in bet activities as it may be very frustrating to have problems to cash out funds using the method you want.


Placing a bet is very easy these days, all you need to do is open an account with a bookmaker, top-up with funds, click at an odd and decide how much you want to bet.

After the outcome of the event is defined, you can decide whether you want to cash out your profits or keep betting.