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Betting on Volleyball

If you like the sport, you will find very easy to bet on volleyball, and even if you are learning more about the sport for betting purposes, you will discover an elementary market in comparison with other sports. The critical aspects of volleyball betting are the concept of decimal odds and a basic understanding of how a Volleyball match works.

Volleyball Odds

The standard betting system used for Volleyball odds in Europe and Latin America is the decimal odds. It’s straightforward to calculate odds and decide whether to bet or not if you can estimate the chances of a team winning based on percentages. Let’s suppose you believe a specific team has 80% of chances of winning a game, all you have to do is divide 100% which are the total number of possibilities by your estimated percentage, i.e. 80% and the result would be the following formula: 100% = 80% = 1.25 (decimal odds).

Fair Odds

The odds that represent the real chances of an event happening are called fair odds. If you bet on fair odds repeatedly, the betting theory (based on math) says you will receive your money back without profits or losses. You should, therefore, go for odds that are higher than the ‘fair’ odds and avoid betting on odds that are too low.

If you come across odds like 1.50 or even 2+ and you believe a team has 80% of chances of winning the game, you should bet on these odds!


Odds that are higher than the fair price are called ‘valuable’ or ‘odds that hold value’.

Professional gamblers make a living out of betting on valuable odds, considering they invest time to make accurate estimations and profit out of their efforts.

Volleyball Markets

The key market in the world of volleyball betting is the match result. These markets work precisely like a Tennis match or an MMA fight: there are only two possible results and to compare the chances of the teams is very easy given the fact that a draw is an impossible result when it comes to volleyball.

Special Markets

There are unique markets that are interesting for more advanced bettors: you can try to bet on a handicap related to the number of sets, you can bet on the exact result in terms of sets and even how many sets the game will have.

Just like any other sports, the number of specialised markets is proportional to the relevance of the match in the context of the league, country and continent.


It is a market that works like other sports: you can bet on the winner of a specific tournament such as the Olympics. Prestigious events often have several options of outright bets like what teams will progress at the group stage or how far a particular international squad will go in the tournament.

The best way to test your skills in terms of making estimations is to bet for real! Test your knowledge of Volleyball betting today!