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How to Bet on Chaza

La Chaza (‘The Chaza’ in Spanish), also known as Pelota Nacional, is a South American sport played in Colombia and Ecuador, it is also the Ecuadorian national sport. The game is especially prevalent in the Colombian department of Nariño.

The game is very similar in comparison with tennis as the players can use rackets and the goal is to hit the ball through the adversary’s field and try to make it hard for the other team to hit back. The game, however, is a collective sport comprised of teams of 4 people.

The players may use the racket, i.e. the players’ hands can also be used to hit the ball.

The game is considered to be pre-Colombian, i.e. to exist before the Spanish people arrived in South America, which makes the game very impressive in terms of its 500-year-old roots.

The game nowadays shares similarities with tennis in terms of counting the points and using the concept of sets, it is a game typically played outdoors, but the ball looks like a smaller version of a baseball.

Chaza Betting Culture

The sport is not relevant like tennis, and it’s kind of an amateur sport played by older people, the young people are not that interested in the game, and because of the nature of the sport and the way it is played the elderly feel comfortable playing it.

The bets are an essential part of this sport, as the players face it at times as a semipro activity, the revenue generated by bets including those taken by street agents play an essential role in terms of keeping this exotic sport alive.

Because of the nature of the betting market, the most common forms of bets are the match result bets, but some agents can take individual bets just like it happens with other sports if the game is more prestigious.

Chaza Betting Cultural Aspects

The game is perceived as a cultural element typical of the Nariño region of Colombia and the enthusiast praise it to be more than a sport.

The older people dislike the fact that young people tend to be much more interested in different sports such as football or baseball.

Players Betting Themselves

The game can be exciting in terms of betting on the results even for the players involved. The ‘peloteros’ as the players are called can bet on their teams and try to profit out of their skills – in fact, the nature of this odd kind of semipro bet prevents the game from fixing schemes.

As the bettors have more than just their pride to play for and risk their own money to bet on the matches, the sport tends to be very clean when it comes to betting safety.

Bet on La Chaza

Some local tournaments have odds at local bookmakers, but it may not be that easy to find places to bet on Chaza, at least In terms of many matches with reasonable betting limits like it happens with football or tennis.

Now that you know a little about this centenary sports bet on Chaza and good luck!