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How to Bet on Golf

Some betting markets are related to activities that are intrinsically involved with bets like horse racing, for example – the golf betting markets, however, aren’t that much relevant to the sport. Still, golf is an ideal sport for bets because of a reason: the internal use of handicaps.

Experienced bettors know exactly how betting handicaps work. Still, even if you don’t and you are a golf fan trying to learn how to bet on the next big tournament like PGA Tour, the fact that you like golf is great because you understand the concept of handicap itself.

The most important betting markets of golf don’t require the understanding of handicaps, but this knowledge can be transported to bet on other sports like Football as the handicap bets are growing in that market.

The key to understanding how handicaps can be of help to bet on golf games is simple. Handicaps allow you to compare players and this ability to analyse the skills of the competitors is essential for keen estimations – the core skill possessed by professional gamblers in the ability to estimate the chances of future sports events happening!

Golf Odds

The betting events like the PGA Tour bets are made using the concept of odds which is the same to all sports. They are multipliers that affect the amount of money bet and determinate the potential winnings if the bet is successful.

Golf is one of the most ‘universal’ sports out there which means you will come across golf odds displayed in distinct systems such as the fractional system – which is more common in UK – and the decimal odds that are the standard system used in Spain and Latin American countries like Colombia and Peru.

PGA Tour Bets

If you open a bookmaker and search for the golf section, you will find there the odds for the most relevant event for professional golfers: the PGA Tour. If you know that you want to bet on a specific golfer, all you have to do is decide how much you want to bet and click on the odds next to his name. After you do that you must insert the amount of money you want to bet at the designated space and the system will present you the potential prize.

Let’s suppose you want to bet on Justin Rose and his odds are of 19 (decimal), that means if you bet 10 EUR you will be rewarded with 190 EUR in case he wins.

How to Tailor Your Own Odds

To bet like a pro doesn’t take any rocket science knowledge; all you have to do is to estimate the chances of a golfer to win in terms of percentages and you will be able to ‘see’ that number in the format of an odd using a very simple formula:

Let’s suppose you believe Rose has 10% of chances of winning, all you have to do is divide 100% by 10% and the result is the formula: 100% / 10% = 10.0 (decimal odds).

If you bet on odds that are higher than your estimated odds – that are called ‘the fair odds’ you will become a profitable punter when it comes to golf betting.