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How to bet on Motorsport

If you are a fan of races, you can rediscover the world of motorsport by learning how to bet on cars, trucks, motorcycles or anything that has a motor!

Sometimes the season is already decided in terms of Championship winner or Constructor’s winner. Still, several secondary events can become very interesting if you look at them with the eyes of a bettor!

Who cares if a driver with nearly zero chances of winning a Formula One race finishes in the top 6 or top 10? Well if you can predict that maybe this is an opportunity to profit out of motorsport betting!

Several Markets

The world of motorsport is one of the most plentiful ones when it comes to betting options. One single Formula One race can have dozens of markets with hundreds, sometimes thousands of odds within a single racing weekend. Every training session can become a market for the bettors, just like the qualifying sessions and of course the race itself!

The most relevant markets are of course the race winner and the outrights for the season, but motorsport betting shares similarities with bets on horse bets because of the potential of betting on more than just the winner.

Formula One Betting

If you like Formula One you might love it even more if you start caring about the potential of a driver to make it to the top 10 of a race because most cars have at least some chance of doing that!

Every time the camera of the transmission is shifted, something different is shown in a Formula One race. Still, usually the ones that matter are related to the driver’s that have chances of winning the race.

If you have placed a bet on a couple of subsequent events, then each camera shift becomes equally impressive!

Even the build-up to each GP becomes more enjoyable when you care about way more than whether it was a Ferrari, a Mercedes or a Red Bull Racing Car that made the pole position.

Nascar, Indy and Moto GP

Although Formula One is the most popular motorsport category of racing in the world, you can bet on several events with a good bookmaker like Eaglebet.

The usual betting markets share similarities with Formula One, but races with more cars like Indy can be a little different.

American bookmakers may use different systems of odds, but usually, you have the option of switching to decimals or fractions that are more popular in Europe and the UK respectively.

Motorsport Betting Odds

The odds concept used for sports events like Association Football, MMA fights, Tennis or any other sports event is the same when it comes to Motorsport betting. The key is to calculate the probabilities of an event happening if you bet based on gut feeling rather than a colder number. The essence to profiting with motorsport betting is to win more prizes than losing stakes, just like anywhere else in the betting world.

Sportsbook Bonuses

If you love motorsport but don’t like many other sports or at least the idea of betting on them, remember that motorsport is just another family of sports when it comes to betting, which means you can make use of the generous Welcome Bonus packages offered by bookies to attract new users.