How to Bet on Cycling


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Cycling Betting

If you enjoy betting on sports that are popular in Europe such as Football, you may try to profit using your knowledge of other sports that you enjoy, such as cycling.

The sport works just like any other one that is based on the concept of races. The market is organized around the potential of the competitors to finish the race at a certain position – yes, the market doesn’t bet on the race winner exclusively, there are other markets that will be explained.

Race Winner Bets

If you navigate through a bookmaker website and visit the page of cycling odds, you will be able to bet on the next winner of prestigious events such as the Tour de France and the Giro D’Italia. However, it is also possible to bet on races that aren’t so big and famous.

The bets on the race winner are the most important ones of the cycling betting markets, and you can bet on the most famous competitors as well as many underdogs.

Cycling Betting Odds

If you want to bet on the winner of a race you must decide whether the odds are good enough or not; to do that you need to estimate the chances of a particular professional racing cyclist in terms of percentages then convert this number into decimal odds.

If you believe that an individual competitor has chances of 20% of winning the Tour de France, all you have to do is divide 100% by your estimation, and you get a result of 100% / 20% = 5.0.

The secret of the professional bettors that profit out of their estimations of future races is based on the concept of value. If an odd is higher than your estimated ‘fair odd’ which is the translation of a percentage into a decimal odd, you must bet on that selection. If you are good enough to estimate the chances correctly, you will become a profitable gambler.

Secondary Markets

If you are a fan of Moto GP, Formula One or any other racing event such as horse racing ones, you know that it is possible to bet on whether a particular racer or horse will finish at the top 10, top 6 or make it to the podium of an event.

The process of calculating the odds is the same: all you have to do is ‘think’ about the event, and that applies to any sport, and you can start betting based on an essential concept of the world of gambling: the odds.

Beat the Odds

Many punters bet based on ‘gut feeling’ or follow tips blindly – if you use this guide to your advantage and start thinking in terms of value, you will become a profitable punter.

Some people make a living out of gambling on sports events, including races.

The best way to discover whether you are becoming better in terms of making estimations is to bet real money on your numbers: enjoy the welcome bonus of prestigious bookies to kick off your betting activities.